Monday, 17 December 2012

Trading Stocks - Dutaland | Bursa | NTPM | Tradewinds | Selangor Properties | RCE Capital | Petra Energy | Multi-Purpose Holdings

Dutaland may climb higher after holding above the RM0.50 support level.  A  purchase  can  be  made  above  RM0.52,  with  a  close  below RM0.50 as a stop-loss. The price target is RM0.60, if the recent high of  RM0.55  is  broken.  The  stock  may  decline  if  it  is  unable  to  stay above RM0.50, with supports at RM0.48 and RM0.44.

Selling  pressure  could  make  a  return  if  Bursa  fails  to  break  above the  100-day  MAV  line.  A  position  can  be  exited  on  a  close  below RM6.25,  with  supports  lying  at  RM5.90  and  RM5.50.  However,  the stock  may  rise  if  it  closes  above  RM6.30  and  resistances  are expected at the prior highs of RM6.50 and RM6.75.

NTPM may rebound after high volume buying last week. A purchase can  be  made  if  it  closes  above  RM0.44,  with  a  close  below  RM0.43 as a stop-loss. The price targets are the prior high of RM0.47 and the psychological RM0.50. Failure to get above RM0.44 will likely see the stock trend lower, with strong support seen at RM0.40.

TWS may rebound after closing at its highest in almost 2 months. A purchase  can  be  made  above  RM7.20,  or  otherwise  on  a  close above RM7.50, with a close below RM7.00 as a stop-loss. The price target  is  RM9.00,  with  selling  also  expected  at  RM8.15.  Failure  to break  above  RM7.50  could  see  it  trade  lower,  with  supports expected at RM6.50 and RM6.30. 

SPB’s downside risk increased after the stock closed at its lowest in 5 months.  A  position  can  be  exited  as  long  as  the  stock  stays  below RM3.35,  with  supports  anticipated  at  RM3.20  and  RM3.00.  A  close back  above  RM3.35  could  lead  to  a  rebound,  but  expect  strong resistance at RM3.50.

RCECap may fall further after the stock printed a fresh 52-week lowA  position  can  be  exited  as  long  as  the  stock  stays  below  RM0.30
with  supports  anticipated  at  RM0.24  and  RM0.20.  A  close  backabove RM0.30 could lead to a rebound, after which resistances can be seen at RM0.32 and RM0.35.  

Petra Energy may decline after breaking below the RM1.67 support level. A  position can  be liquidated below the level and  supports are anticipated  at  RM1.60  and  RM1.50.  The  stock  may  rebound  if  it closes back above RM1.70 but expect strong resistance at RM1.80. 

MPHB may fall further after closing below the RM3.50 support level for  2  days  in  a  row.  A  trader  can  liquidate  if  the  stock  stays  below RM3.50,  with  supports  expected  at  RM3.30,  and  if  that  is  violated, at  RM3.10.  A  close  back  above  RM3.50  will  likely  see  the  stock rebound, with resistance at RM3.60 and RM3.70.
Source: OSK

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