Friday, 1 March 2013

Bumi Armada - Fleet Expansion In Progress

Bumi  Armada  announced  on  Bursa  Malaysia  yesterday  that  its  wholly-owned subsidiary,  Armada  Offshore  MPSV  Limited,  had  on  28  Feb  entered  into  separate contracts  with  Nam  Cheong  International  Ltd,  which  will  build  four  units  of  DP2 multi-purpose  support  vessels  (MPSV).  The  purchase  is  part  of  the  group’s newbuild programme – Steel on Water 2 (SOW 2).
Details  of  the  contracts.  Each  MPSV  will  be  88.8  metres  in  length  and  have  cargo capacity of 5,000 deadweight tonnes. They are designed for diesel-electric propulsion and built to Comfort Class, SPS Compliance, Oil Recovery, Fire Fighting Class 1. It has a 100-tonne  heave  compensated  crane,  helideck,  remotely  operated  vehicle  facility  and  moon pool. All four MPSVs will have DP2 capability to support offshore deep-water activities with multi-purpose  functions  such  as  transporting  cargo  (eg  fresh  water,  diesel,  bulk  cement, liquid  mud,  drilling  chemicals  and  deck  cargo),  oil  recovery  and  on  standby/rescue  work. Each vessel can accommodate 60 personnel on board. The newbuilds under SOW 2 are in line with Bumi Armada Group’s plan to expand its OSV fleet. 

Source: OSK

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