Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Trading Stocks - 12 March 2013 - Tebrau Teguh | Lafarge | Maybulk | Sapura Kencana | Hua Yang | Berjaya Food | Dijaya | i-Berhad

Tebrau  should  climb  higher  after  closing  at  its  the  highest  in  more than  five  years.  A  purchase  can  be  made  as  long  as  the  stock  stays above  the  psychological  RM1.00,  with  a  close  below  RM0.96  as stop-loss. The price target is a prior high of RM1.30, with resistance also  expected  at  RM1.15.  Failure  to  stay  above  RM1.00  could  see the stock trade sideways, with strong support expected at RM0.90. 
Lafarge should continue higher after printing a new all-time high. A position  can  be  initiated  if  the  stock  stays  above  RM10.00,  with  a close  below  RM9.80  as  a  stop-loss.  The  price  target  is  RM12.50, with  resistance  seen  at  RM11.30.  Failure  to  stay  above  RM10.00 should see the stock trend sideways, with supports lying at RM9.60 and RM9.10.
Source: RHB

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