Friday, 10 August 2012

Daily Trading Stocks: Malayan Flour Mills Bhd

MFlour may climb higher if it stays above RM1.60. A purchase can be made on a close above RM1.65, with the recent low of RM1.50 as a stop-loss. An aggressive trader may even enter on another close above RM1.60. The price target is RM1.96, with selling also expected at RM1.80. Failure to break higher could see it continue sideways. Strong support is seen at RM1.40.

Source: OSK

1 comment:

  1. Why is Mflour price RM1.29?

    Is it true that Gardenia no more buying wheat from Mflour?

    How is the current standing of Mflour? I mean as a long term investment.

    Please explain. Am new to this. Thanks